“Unitrade Eco” Ltd was established in 2012, with main activity waste collection, storage and pretreatment before recovery and/or disposal (sorting, baling, crushing, pressing etc.) of paper, glass, PET bottles, plastic, nylon and wood waste.

The company is working to reduce the level of waste deposits, aiming at the maximum level of extraction of the recyclable material.

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The company owns and provides the necessary tanks and press contains for waste collection and storage.

Unitrade Eco offers also destruction of archive documents by shredding. The packaging waste passes through an installation, which sorts it by type and bales it afterwards. The bale press is type KONTI 325 D with production capacity 400 cb.m/h. The press operates on continuous, fully automated regime, with the raw materials transported to the press by a conveyor belt.

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BULECOPACK AD, city of Sofia


Ecocollect AD, city of Sofia


Ecopack Bulgaria AD, city of Sofia


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