The main activity of Max Trade is international transportation and freight forwarding, as well as waste collection and transportation of waste and non-hazard recyclable construction, commercial and domestic waste around the country and abroad.

• Domestic and international transportation and freight forwarding

The company offers domestic freight transportation. This is one of the main activities of the company and it encompasses several stages: familiarization with the nature of the freight and the specific requirements for safe transportation, consultation regarding the packaging and preparation of the separate transportation entities and the required documentation, specifics by the transportation, optimal loading, price policy etc. The professionalism of our team works in favor of our clients. We offer you professional consulting services in relation to the transportation itself and the documentation. You can count on an excellent team of experts in the area.

• Waste collection and transportation

Servicing separate waste collection containers Beaver type, capacity 1,1 cb.m

Servicing containers for mixed domestic waste with capacity 0,120 cb.m; 0, 240 cb.m.; 1,1 cb.m.

Servicing containers for construction and non-hazard commercial waste with capacity 3 cb.m; 4 cb.m; 6 cb.m; 7 cb.m; 30 cb.m – the company has 500 containers of that type.

Having in mind the individuality of every client, together with the aim to maximize the price/benefit ratio, we set the price for a single container lift, individually for every client, depending on the type of waste, the frequency of the service and the location.

For us it is essential that our clients are satisfied, that we have won their trust and have become a loyal partner!


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