More about Max Trade Sped OOD

Max Trade Sped is a company providing domestic and foreign transport and logistics on a high quality level. The Company is certified according to ISO and provides transport and logistics for all types of freight. Max Trade Sped is licensed by the Ministry for Transport for domestic and foreign logistic activities. The vehicle fleet of the Company consists of modern low and high capacity vehicles from 40 cub.m to 120 cub.m. The employees of Max Trade Sped are high qualified and competent.

Max Trade Sped also carries out the operations of collection and transportation of non-hazardous recyclable construction, manufacturing, and household waste in the country and abroad, for which it holds a Registration Document for shipment of waste, as issued by Regional Inspectorate on Environment and Waters Sofia (RIEW).

To carry out its waste collection operations, the Company has the relevant up-to-date vehicle fleet, specialized equipment and ancillary facilities – vehicles with hoisting capacity from 5 to 30 tonnes, including tail lift models, with additional chains, container trucks, waste collection vehicles, vans, loading equipment and collection equipment fitted with self-propelled cranes with various hoisting capacities, forklifts of the bucket, fork, and pin type, etc., as well as tanks with various capacities, namely, containers of the following types:

• Domestic and recyclable waste containers of the Beaver type, capacity 1,1 cb.m;

• Metal containers for domestic and recyclable waste, capacity range from 2,5 cb.m to 22 cb.m;

• Metal containers for construction waste and glass, capacity range 4 cb.m to 30 cb.m;

• Press containers for recyclable paper and nylon waste, capacity range 16 cb.m to 26 cb.m;

• Press containers specifically customized to serve household waste containers with a capacity range from 16 cb.m to 26 cb.m.

The Company aims at satisfying the needs of the market, amplifying constantly the services in the area of transport and logistics. Max Trade Sped is one of the companies dealing with international logistics and freight forwarding services in Sofia. Using our services, your freight will arrive on time at the desired location. Since its establishment, Max Trade Sped offers its’ clients high quality services, responsibility, speed in completion, accuracy and security. As prove for the quality of work are the numerous positive references from our clients.

Because of our work over the years, today the company employs 100 highly qualified experts in the international transportation and logistics, who will advise you and help you choose the appropriate way of transporting your freight.


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