More about MKD-69 EOOD

The plastic waste recycling activity is performed on a washing line, produced by „Lindner Resourse GmbH“ and a new recycling line for plastic processing, produced by „EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH“. This technology replaces the so far existing one, aiming at higher results.

The new capacities installed operate in the following way:


• Sorting of the material – manually;

• Crushing of the material to pieces with the size 20 – 50mm., done using a shredder, which is part of the machine for washing the material;

• Friction washing – the crushed material is then rinsed and is prepared for further milling, done by the friction washer, part of the line for washing of the entering material;

• Milling – the crushed and rinsed material is milled into pieces with the size of 5-6mm – this is done by a rotor mill, which is part of the line for washing of the entering material;

• Washing – the milled material is washed from fine dirt;

• Drying- the washed material is dried up to 4-6% humidity, which is done in two steps: mechanical by a centrifuge and thermal by a thermal drier with hot air.


• Melting of the dried material at a temperature of 140 ° C;

• Filtering and degasification of the melt;

• Granulation;

• Cooling down;

• Entering into a silo for storage of finished produce.


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