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Vadias Ltd was established in 2002. Initially the main activity of the company was trade with plastic waste and LDPE. With the increasing of the volumes and reaching a sustainable market share, the company decides to expand its activity and respectively include pretreatment and recycling of the collected waste. Following the natural growth of the business, the capital structure of the company evolves including new investors and increasing the liquidity. The new capital raised allows Valdias to purchase two new conveyer belts for the processing of polymers, which marks the beginning of a massive expansion in Bulgaria and on the Balkans as a whole.

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The main business of Vadias OOD is collection, temporary storage, shipment, pretreatment, and recycling (regranulation) of separately collected plastic and nylon waste, and their follow-up placement on the market.

A minor part of the granulates (10-12%) are processed to end products – polyethylene foil, sacks, and bags, with the remainder (88-90%) being sold in raw form both in Bulgaria and the Balkans, as well as in other EU countries.

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