More about Vadias

Vadias Ltd was established in 2002. Initially the main activity of the company was trade with plastic waste and LDPE. With the increasing of the volumes and reaching a sustainable market share, the company decides to expand its activity and respectively include pretreatment and recycling of the collected waste. Following the natural growth of the business, the capital structure of the company evolves including new investors and increasing the liquidity. The new capital raised allows Valdias to purchase two new conveyer belts for the processing of polymers, which marks the beginning of a massive expansion in Bulgaria and on the Balkans as a whole.

As a result of a the consistent policy of the company, in 2013 Valdias has a total of four conveyer belts with total capacity of over 1200 tonnes per month, which makes the company one of the main leaders by market share among the producers of regranulate.

Since 2014 in cooperation and using the production capacities of MDK-69, Vadias performs the recycling using one of the most cutting age production lines in the sector. The installation consists of a washing part, produced by “LINDER” Germany and an extrusion part, produced by “EREMA” Austria.

As of today the monthly production capacity of the company is processing 1200 tonnes of raw material yielding 850 tonnes granulate.

The production if offered in four types based on the specifications - LLDPE-tranlucent, LDPE – translucent, LDPE-color, and LDPE-black.

The company employees over 100 people, all of them with a proven professional record in the area.

Vadias takes part in a number of projects, together with municipalities and Eco organisations, tackling many of the issues related to polymer waste recycling in the capital and other cities around the country.


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